The letter
Updated: 1/5/2021
The letter

Storyboard Text

  • Mari and her family are from Mexico trying to find work and have a better life.
  • Afraid of getting deported by classmates.
  • I'm scared too go in school
  • MR. B tells everyone that everyone on the planet is connected
  • everyone on the planet is connected
  • In the introductory paragraph on lines 1 and 2 the text states ´´Mari and her family have come from mexico t find work hopefully, a better life´´. From this we know that mari is not a citizen of United States which is important because we understand her perspective when writing her letter to the president.
  • Most Americans live in privilege and can vote for what they want not what they need
  • I need money to feed my kids and put a roof over their head
  • We need more money
  • In paragraph 5 paragraph 24 we read that Mari is afraid of her classmates turning her into the immigration police. This is important because some of her family were born in the United States and if Mari and her parents get deported the family will be seperated and her sisters to foster care.
  • She wants her family together
  • I need you guys i cant live without my whole family and i hope we d not get deported
  • Page 24 paragraph 6 This is important because our actions can affect countries far away from us, even if we don't realize it.
  • Mari doesn't want her sisters in a different place then her
  • I hope we don't get deported back to Mexico i cant live without you guys i need you guys in my life i don't wanna bee the only sibling ... I love you guys s much i dont want u to go but don't worry who know what will happen
  • This is important because if everyone in the world had a vote, then most people would vote for what they need like food, water and shelter.
  • This is important because she dose not want her family to be separated
  • She wants too be with her family for the rest of her life not with some parts of her family
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