Updated: 12/16/2019
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  • While I was on my way back to my homeland in Cuba. I was informed by a crew-mate confirming the Spanish-American War has ended and the US has recognized Cuban independence. However Cuban government wrote a new constitution containing no mention of the US in it.
  • Since I was friends with the President, I was able to gain information about the invasion the the Philippians. They needed to distract Spain from Cuba. It was going to be led by Commodore George Dewey. They Destroyed the entire Spanish Fleet in Mania Harbor, Ultimately ending in the Spanish Surrendering in 1898
  • The year was 1898, the treaty of Paris was just announced last week. which freed Cuba from Spanish Control . It also Ceded Guam & Puerto Rico to the United States. The Treaty of Paris provided the US to purchase the Philippines.
  • The year was 1900. A new act has been instated called the Foraker Act. This act established a civil government in Puerto Rico, allowing the U.S. president to appoint Puerto Rico’s governor, as well as members of its upper house.
  • It wasn't until I reached my door I remembered that Puerto Rico was an important strategic location in the Caribbean. The US wanted to maintain its presence in the Caribbean.
  • Cubans new constitution led to the Platt Amendment which stated that the US had the right to intervene in Cuba, US could establish naval stations, and Cuba was not allowed to enter into foreign agreements.
  • When I heard this I was the happiest, We were now independent, even though we are a part of the United States we are still able to get help from them. This is the Best thing that happened since the Progressive Era.
  • When I heard the News I was happy, but most Philippines were outraged that the United States had Purchased them from Spain, They did not want annexation, they wanted the independence promised to them. With all this fighting it was clear that people were not happy with the United States. Even though they wanted to expand their Country the long term outcome will be worth it in the future.
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