Weaknesses of the AoC

Updated: 10/5/2021
Weaknesses of the AoC

Storyboard Text

  • Federal Government couldn't tax
  • You are not allowed to do that.
  • I would like to tax Texas, Ohio, and California for the damage they has done!
  • Sorry but, that isn't a question for me.
  • Congress was not supposed to control trades.
  • Could I have oranges for corn?
  • The government could not form their own troops.
  • You aren't allowed to make your own troops. You are not allowed to cross this line to Savannah Georgia that has none.
  • Federal Government couldn't get money to fix thing that has to be. If the states got to a war they couldn't fix what the states destroyed.
  • Congress could not enforce the laws on people
  • Congress couldn't make trades or tell anyone that they couldn't trade with whoever they would like. New York could be making trades with Britain and Congress weren't allowed to tell them to stop.
  • There was no national executive to provide central leadership.
  • If the states have troop and a small town needed a army so they can survive Government wasn't allow to make one for them.
  • There was no national court system
  • Your going to jail for3 years
  • Colonists would be disrespecting the laws and congress couldn't tell them to follow them and the town might just fall apart.
  • Stop, This is against the laws!
  • You can't tell us what to do!!!
  • Every state had there own government the Congress could not tell the state what to do. Georgia could not be following the laws of the world and they could fall and break away from the world.
  • There was no court so you could not have a trial before you go to jail for how many year you are meant to. Police could be throwing innocent people into jail and Congress cant do nothing about it.
  • That is not fair!!