Communicating test score results of a student - Non-Responsive Parent
Updated: 2/22/2021
Communicating test score results of a student - Non-Responsive Parent

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  • Email: all-parents@school.eduSubject: Purpose of AssessmentsWe conduct assessment to track a student's progress and comprehension and look for ways to modify instruction to help students do their best.One test score does not reflect a student's full aptitude. Teachers and parents must worktogether to help students achieve their goals.
  • Hi, Ms. Jones. I'd like to schedule a meeting to discuss Johnny's latest test scores in math.
  • As you can see, Johnny's score on the last test is not at the level I'd like to see. I want to discuss ways to help him improve his scores.
  • This test was unfair and Johnny was tired. This doesn't reflect his intelligence.
  • I absolutely agree. This is just one test and it tells me what he currently comprehends. I can use this information to better accommodate Johnny.
  • I want to help him, but I don't know what to do. It's hard to get him to study.
  • Johnny's a good student and he's performing well in other areas. I've got a few ideas that I'd like to try to help improve his test scores, if you're willing to work together on this.
  • Sure. Let's give it a shot.
  • Great! I'll fill you in on the details... I'd like to stay in touch over the next couple months as we try some of the strategies and monitor his scores.
  • Sounds good. I'll contact you if I have any questions. Please keep me updated on how he's doing.