Federalist vs Anti-Federalists
Updated: 9/22/2020
Federalist vs Anti-Federalists

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  • Our Government is like a King!
  • He can't be a king he is elected by the people!
  • If we give thenational government too much power then it will overpower state governments
  • We need a strong government so we have protection!
  • The great debate Federalists vs. Anti-Federalist
  • We need a Bill of Rights so our rights will be protected
  • We don't need a bill of rights because the Constitution only limits the government not thepeople
  • The President needs power to keep us all safe!
  • We'll only make another king if we give him power!
  • I agree with parts of both sides. I agree with Federalists when they say we need a strong government. Also when they say our president can't be like a king because they are elected by the people. I agree with the Anti-Federalists when they say we need a Bill of Rights so out rights won't be oppressed
  • The Anti-Federalists made a stronger argument. I agree with the anti-feds because we should have a Bill of Rights so we have assurance of our Rights. Also, giving too much power to the President will make them like a king. Lastly, we should have stronger State Governments so the National Government won't abuse their power
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