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Updated: 11/12/2020
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  • In the south there is lots of flat land to farm
  • We make corn and wheat
  • House is wood and it is very gross inside
  • Also used slaves to do all the farming for us
  • We make things they need and sell it right back to them
  • We traded raw materials to England and we had to buy it back
  • They gave is wood now we make something they need
  • Every ship and vessel that loads and unloads in England, the colonies or any of England’s territories will have the same contents from the time that they leave to the time that they arrive an unload.
  • Sugar, tobacco, cotton, wool, Indigo produced in England or any of her territories shall only be transported only between England and the colonies.
  • We are fighting over the Ohio valley for the fur and the rich will wear and we get money
  • We don't have a good relationship with France and i'm trying to get them to leave before a war
  • We have to use the colinest to fight because we have no one else to help us out
  • Now after the war England is taxing us for the war and were not happy about it
  • And make a law were they can't go west but there be really mad plus they really don't like England anymore
  • We can't really pay for the war right now so we should make the colonist pay so we don't have to
  • The End
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