Comic Strip - Sermon at Benares
Updated: 2/14/2021
Comic Strip - Sermon at Benares

Storyboard Text

  • Wow! Such beautiful flowers have grown from the seeds I had sown a week ago!
  • Grannie,, some flowers have blossomed in the garden...
  • That's great Jill, Your hard work finally paid off!
  • A few days later...
  • Oh dear! Don't to be so sad, come sit next to me...
  • So, grannie, are you saying that the flowers that died had to die someday, because that's the way of life?
  • You see, all the living things in this world must leave someday, whether it be plants, animals or even us human beings. That's how God has planned life. Someday the mortals of this world must leave and we must learn to accept it.
  • I understand now, I shouldn't be too sad, I can always go and sow more seeds! Thank you grannie!
  • That's right my sweetie, you should remember the terms of the world.