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Brooke Merrill PEGS Colonial Storyboard
Updated: 9/25/2020
Brooke Merrill PEGS Colonial Storyboard
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  • New England Colony
  • Middle Colony
  • Southern Colony
  • Virgina house of burgess
  • In the New England Colony, they have natural harbors and dense forsets, so they trade lumber and fish. They wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connectuit which was the first written constuition in the colonies. It was also home to a strict relgious group called the purtians.
  • The Middle Colony has the nickname breadbasket because they have fertile soil and grow and trade staple crops. It was home to many different religious groups, including quakers, that called themselves the Society of Friends. They follow the Pennsylvania Charter of Privleges and voted an elected legslure
  • In the southern colony grew and traded cash crops. They had plantations, which needed slaves. Maryland was a place for cathliocs to escape persacution. They had the Virgina House of Burgess which was the first representive government.
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