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Updated: 5/9/2020
Storyboard History

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  • Bleeding Kansas (1855-1861)The Kansas Nebraska Act sounded like a good idea, until the territory of Kansas was up for question. Many of my friends are soldiers and are fighting to make Kansas a slavery-free state. Popular sovereignty encouraged the pro-slavery and anti-slavery states to duke it out in Kansas. I hope Kansas becomes anti-slavery, but more importantly, I hope there are not too many casualties, hopefully John Brown leads to victory.
  • John Brown's Raid (10/16, 1859 – 10/18, 1859)John Brown and his ragtag army raided Harper's Ferry yesterday. He led a group of slaves and white men alike to essentially go on a suicide mission just for the sake of the idea of abolition. Those confederates and Lee gave him his business, of course, and he was arrested for treason. But for a treasonous man, I respect his courage.
  • The First Battle of Bull Run (July 21, 1861)Well, it's official, this civil war is very violent. From what I have heard, a man named McDowell was marching along Bull Run Creek, advancing towards the confederate capital with this army, but he was stopped by confederates. This led to the Union trying to flank the confederates on Hnery Hill, but were unable to make progress. The Union army retreated back to Washington, making this starting battle a loss. This is going to be one long war
  • The Battle at Antietam (September 17, 1862)The confederates, led my Lee, invaded Maryland. That general Lee has his mind set on capturing northern territories. Something good came after the battle, though. The Union managed to control the Confederates and keep them down south. Lincoln announced his emancipation proclamation.
  • Abe Lincoln's Assassination (April 15, 1865)Someone shot Lincoln last week, John Wilkes Booth. The man wanted to help the south, after they have surrendered to the Federal army. He shot Lincoln at a theater in D.C. What a depressing moment for American politics. They will hold a big funeral for Lincoln, everyone is grateful of what he has done.
  • Sharecroppers (1870s)A black family rented my grandfather's farm this week, because they need a way to make money in these difficult times for them. They must give my grandfather crops, though, in return for the land. They brought their mule that they were granted by the government because this family was a slave family.