Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Muslims in Spain threatened the franks for many years.
  • In 732 Abd er Rahman the governour of spain marched over the pyrenees to end the unrest on his northern border.He was most likely to plunder the franks
  • The people never knew where the battle was at the location was always unknown.People assume that the two armies met each other where the river Clain and Vienne join between tours and poitiers.
  • The Muslims had their cavalry armed with there long lances,long swords and spears which got them to victory in previous battles
  • He would continue by defeating the Muslims once more in a battle near the River Berre near Narbonne.
  • Since the franks won they were having a big gathering with all of the franks.They had food on the tables and ready to eat.