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Children's Book
Updated: 11/3/2020
Children's Book
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  • HAHA!!
  • One day, Billy left for the first grade with the same intentions as always- to pick on Carter, a boy in his class. Carter was the most popular boy in first grade, and Billy was jealous because he had no friends, When Billy first arrived at school in the morning, he had to wait on the playground until the bell rang. Billy searched the playground far and wide so he could find Carter. As soon as Billy found Carter, Billy pushed him down.
  • What'd you do this time Billy?
  • Later that day Billy arrived at home only to be greeted by his angry mom. This was the third call about behavioral issues in one week. Billy’s mom scolded him until she felt her son understood the consequences of his actions.
  • HEHE!!
  • Boo hoooo
  • The next day Billy returned to school. The day started good until afternoon recess, Carter was playing with the ball that Billy wanted. Billy was jealous so he stole the ball and threw it right at Carter's head.
  • Billy, we need to talk. “There’s an old saying by Confucious, ‘Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.’ In simpler terms, If you have high morals and carry yourself to a high standard, you will be surrounded by those who do the same.
  • Later in the afternoon, Billy returned home. He was greeted by his disappointed mother.
  • I'm really sorry for everything I've done to you. Honestly, I was just jealous.
  • It's okay, we can start over
  • The following day, Billy kept what his mom told him in mind. Billy tracked Carter down before class and apologized.
  • Later that day during recess, the two played together and had a great time. All of Carter’s friends ended up loving Billy too!
  • Wanna have a play date this weekend?
  • Yeah sure! I'll ask my mom tonight.
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