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ELA projecyt
Updated: 5/21/2020
ELA projecyt
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  • Sure, Mrs. Dawes!
  • Annabeth! Will you come with me for a minute?
  • Annabeth, I want you to participate in a experiment for my psychology class.
  • You'll be doing it with Percy, Piper and Jason.
  • You'll stay with me for the whole morning.
  • One peacful morning at Goode high school...
  • But my calculus test... OK, all right. I'll do it too.
  • Mrs. Dawes was the school psychologist. I had no idea what she wanted to do with me, Percy, Piper, and Jason.
  • I don't care really...
  • This experiment was going to take more than five minutes. Oh no! I'm going to miss the calculus test! I was so looking forward to that!
  • I'm sorry! I have to!
  • why are you mad at us???
  • Mrs. Dawes explained the expirement. We'd each have a turn with her explaining how much we felt the pressure of popularity, and then in we'd go back to school for 2nd hour, then report back to her in 3rd hour, about how our views changed. Everyone else agreed immediately, but I was hesitant.
  • When it was my turn, I told Mrs. Dawes that I did not really care, and I could survive in school without friends. She then asked me to ignore all my friends in second hour, and see how that turned out for me.
  • I thought it would be a piece of cake, but turns out it was harder than I though to ignore Mayra and Amber.
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