Updated: 9/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, Mom. How do vaccines work?
  • I'm glad you asked. Vaccines are like the recipes in a cookbook.
  • If a baker wants to bake a big chocolate cake, he needs to know how to make it---what are the ingredients? Bake time?
  • With the cookbook, the chef will know to memorize the recipe for the Big Chocolatey Cake to successfully avoid mistakes.
  • I'd love to bake a cake...
  • Without the cookbook (vaccine), the chef may face the risk of over-beating ingredients and cause clumps (pathogens) to ruin his batter (immune system).
  • Oh no! I don't know how to make the Chocolatey Cake!
  • However, with the help a cookbook recipe (vaccine and its antigens), the baker will hapily train himself to learn how to prevent disaster (pathogens) from causing other mishaps (diseases).
  • Oh...So that's how long you stir it for...
  • Yay! I made the best cake!
  • That's why vaccines are important. They train our immune systems to recognize and deal with pathogens in order to stay healthy.
  • Wow! Vaccines are awesome!