Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • So basically
  • Where he go?
  • Oh
  • hh
  • So there's this knight, Bisclavret, and his wife, ye.
  • Betrayal
  • For some reason he disappears for three day periods every week and no one knows why
  • Good Boi
  • So the wife keeps pestering him about it and apparently he's a werewolf with a transforming ability complicatedly reliant on his clothes? Like if he loses them he can't turn back for some reason?
  • Revengence
  • The wife is so horrified that she doesn't want Bisclavret as a husband anymore so she goes and hooks up with this other guy and they steal his clothes so now he's stuck as a werewolf.
  • clothes lol
  • Bisclavret just kinda continues being a wolf dude for a year until the king's group finds him and he acts like a regular knight so they bring him back to town because hey this wolf's kinda weird.
  • We'll Be Right Back
  • We'll Be Right Back
  • They have a party and the whole thing gets uncovered so the wife has to return the clothes but first Bisclavret bites her nose off & she and her new husband get banished and have noseless kids the end lol.
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