The city that went down instead of up
Updated: 4/8/2021
The city that went down instead of up

Storyboard Text

  • Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?
  • AHHHHH!!
  • YES!!
  • There was a city that was the happiest on earth.The people that lived there were all happy.Not even once they were sad.
  • No it was you!
  • I lost my money
  • Im the happiest man alive :D
  • A few years later everything went down and it was the saddest city in the world.The people were rude to each other and also they were unlucky.
  • should i jump,i really hate my life :(
  • come down sweety, ''right now!'' said mom.
  • People wanted to suicide.They lost money,Also would always argue.Like this girl she wanted to jump off the building.
  • The girl named jasmine was thinking about jumping or staying on the edge of the building.She ended up jumping off and ended up in the doctor because of how scared she was.
  • Yes she is ok and just needs some rest at home.
  • The mom was worried about her child but then found out she was ok.When she woke up,the doctor told her she needed some rest from what happened.
  • Is she ok dr.sam?
  • Thank god!
  • Sorry mom ill never do it again.
  • Jasmine went back home and apologized to her mom and took some rest.The next day she felt better and never did it again.
  • Its ok sweety, dont worry.
  • now take some rest.