What Food Should I Feed my Ferret - Vivian Reilly
Updated: 2/18/2021
What Food Should I Feed my Ferret - Vivian Reilly

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  • Should She Talk with the Stranger?
  • Hey, stop!
  • What should I do?
  • Hey you! I'm talking to you!
  • G: Give thought to the problem
  • Maybe he needs help? Maybe he's trying to hurt me? Maybe he's lost and needs directions?
  • R: Review your choices
  • I can pretend not to hear him and keep walking, start running, or talk with him.
  • A teenage girl is walking home and an adult stranger is trying to stop her to talk to her.
  • E: Evaluate the consequences for each choice
  • If I talk to him, he could hurt me or kidnap me. If I keep walking, he could just follow me. If I run, I could run somewhere with people so he leaves me alone.
  • The girl is thinking about the situation. She realizes it's late at night and a strange man is trying to get her to stop.
  • A: Assess and choose the best choice
  • Fine, I don't want to talk anymore anyway!
  • She reviews all of her options while he still behind her.
  • T: Think it over afterward
  • I was worried about you because there was a man the police caught who was out looking for a girl to kidnap.
  • The girl thinks about what could happen for each choice.
  • You're starting to make me mad!
  • Thinking this all through and seeing his reaction to her staying quiet, she decides to run.
  • The girl knew she made the right decision when her mom told her what she heard on the news.