ELA mother to sun
Updated: 11/4/2020
ELA mother to sun

Storyboard Text

  • Mother To Son by: Langston Hughes
  • Value: The past is not what you value, it's the present.
  • The mother explains how the floor is bare and she chooses to not turn back.
  • The tone of "Mother to Son" is Langston Hughes talking about how his mother told him that life will not be easy because of his skin and this caused him to have a positive attitude about life.
  • Langston Hughes's feelings were positive and hopeful because of his mother's past ad the story of her past too. Because of this, he wrote this poem to embrace his happiness and to help him and his mother become hopeful for the future to be as good as possible.
  • The theme of this poem, "Mother to Son" is to be hopeful, have the courage, and not give up. this is because, in Langston Hughes, he explains that his mother told him, "So boy, don't you turn back."
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