Updated: 3/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Gate 9 B
  • It was me and my friend's Bi-Annual Trip, this year we were taking a exploration of Greenland
  • Yes Air
  • Look, I can see the Coast!
  • We were to see the Bewildering sights of its frozen plane, light caroming off of its white face
  • Wow!
  • Do you know where we are?
  • Nope.
  • The trip seemed Bungled the second we set off, we lost our way and meandered around, almost like there was a spirit of bad luck following us
  • At this point we found the coast and started to follow it to hopefully a city, we were so tired, it was a arduous journey
  • We made it! Wait, what's that?
  • I don't know, run away!
  • We soon found a city and as we walked to the airport to end our journey, we saw what looked like a spirit and balked at it.
  • We were soon on a dynamic airplane heading home, as as we took off I was hit with a sudden clarity that the spirit we saw probably was the bad luck. I was aggravated but relieved we were heading home.