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Unknown Story
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  • The dark sky, filled with angry, swirling clouds,reflected Greg Ridley’s mood as he sat on the stoop ofhis building.
  • what do I do....
  • Greg sat in the kitchen with his father, while his father lectured him about his grades. After the lecture Greg stood to go upstairs, but the thought of thelecture that probably awaited him if he did anything except shut himself in his room with his math book, he then decided to start walking down the streets instead.
  • “And you want to play basketball?” “That must be some kind ofa joke.Now you just get into your room and hit those books.”
  • Fmath
  • Down the block there was an old tenement that had been abandonedfor some months. When he pushed the door it was opened, and Greg let himself in. Inside the building was dark and had a few windows, he then turned to see a old man sitting unevenly from the lights. Who are you?...
  • of course, every man got a treasure, I'm Lemon Brown
  • Why are you here? Don't you got a home
  • You ain't those bad boys looking for my treasure?
  • I'm Greg Ridley, It's raining, and I got a home
  • I'm not looking for you treasure, if you have one.
  • Greg and Lemon Brown heard a sound and looked outside they saw 3 men outside holding pipes and flashlights. Lemon Brown quickly brought Greg up the darkened stairs. They bad mans Lemon Brown whispered to Greg,HEY OLD MAN WE KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE, YOU GOT ANY MONEY? a voiced called. They had to remain hiding.
  • “We don’t want to have to come in and hurt you, old man, but we don’t mind if we have to.”
  • A bright beam of light from the flashlights hits just a few inches from Greg. Greg then wet his lips, and tried to make a sound but nothing came out. Greg wet his lips once more he swallowed hard and tried again. and Greg howled as evenly as possible. The 3 men got distracted and confused so they ran, after that it was just silence.
  • *HOWLS*
  • Greg then turned to the old man to make sure everythingwas okay. After all they've went through Lemon Brown told Greg his storyBrown, a blues singer and harmonica player. When Greg heard that story he then realizes .. that You should always cherish life's treasure (THE THEME) And returned back home safely to his father.
  • My story, SweetLemon Brown, a blues singerharmonica player....
  • “I guess... I mean, you’re right.”
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