Updated: 3/4/2021

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  • Causes
  • First Crusades
  • Second Crusades
  • A crusade was called by Pope Urban II. The Seljuk conquered land in the Byzantine Empire and advanced within 100 miles of the capital
  • Third Crusade
  • In 1098 the crusaders captured the city of Antioch. In the year of 1099, crusaders attacked Jerusalem and won after they surrendered. Most of the crusaders went back home, but those who stayed made four crusader kingdoms.
  • Later Crusades- Children's crusades
  • Muslims came together, and fought against the Crusader kingdom, leading Christians to call for a second crusade. The crusade failed after German and French armies were defeated in Anatolia and Damascus
  • The Reconquista
  • Richard I of England led the third crusade to retake the Holy land from the leader Salah al- Din, who had taken back most of Palestine. After forcing the surrender of the Palestinian town of Acre, Richard's troops fought their way toward Jerusalem, but didn't succeed. In 1192, the two leaders signed a peace treaty allowing the Crusaders to keep some territory, and Christian pilgrims to enter Jerusalem.
  • The crusades continued for many years. A crusade, called the Children's crusade started, which was a movement for the poor. During this time few made it to the Holy Land.
  • Another war called the Reconquista began, Christians launched the Reconquista to take back the Iberian peninsula. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand , utilized a Church court, called the Inquisition to eradicate Muslims and Jews who were practicing their old religions. Muslims and Jews