Fern Hunt

Updated: 10/4/2021
Fern Hunt

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  • Hi! My name is Fern Yvette Hunt! I was Born on January 14th 1948,in New York city i passed away august 10th 2019
  • As a child had had a really strong interest in science and math. I eventually ended up going to brawn Mayur college with math as my major at 15. Before that I attended Bronx high school. After my first college I went back a few years later and got me PHD in mathematics.
  • Does anyone know what oxygen is classified as on the periodic table? Correct, great job Fern!
  • I know! Oxygen is classified as a nonmetal!
  • I am well known for the method of math that I use which is called probability. A nd probability was important for me because I used it to help show how to use computers, show the spread of germs and even more. This is one thing that gained me popularity and helped with my career.
  • “Mathematics is a creative and intuitive activity, it is a human activity that every sort of people, at one time or another in history, has engaged in.”
  • As a child my grandparents immigrated from Jamaica to the US before world war 2. My family had a history of no one ever finishing college my mom had done two years and didn't finish ,however I broke that and was the first go get more than one college degree.