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Decision comic strip
Updated: 10/7/2020
Decision comic strip
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Storyboard Text

  • Note- main character is light skin/brown hair
  • Decision/problem
  • 1. I'm so glad we got to meet up at the beach, we have so much catching up to do.
  • 3. Ya, and I brought a blunt to make it even better. You guys want a hit?
  • 2. And what a great day too!
  • Options
  • 1. It's really no big deal, plus it makes you feel great!
  • 2. Sure, I guess it can't be that bad.
  • 2. I'm not sure, I don't want to get in trouble.
  • Consequences/outcomes
  • 1. Wow, this really does make you feel great! You should try it.
  • The character and his friend have been offered a blunt by their other friend. The character has to decide if he should or should not do it.
  • Values
  • In this situation the character can choose to accept, decline, or say nothing about the blunt. He decides to say nothing, and he lets his friend answer.
  • Choose option
  • 1. You won't get in trouble here trust me, nobody comes around.
  • If the character decides to smoke the weed, he could get hooked on the stuff due to the addictive THC chemical in weed. He could also have bad short and long term symptoms. This is not worth keeping your friends or looking cool to your friends.
  • Reflect
  • The character is unsure because he values a safe and drug free life. This could be due to his home life and his care of risks.
  • 2. Why?
  • 1. Alright fine, follow me guys.
  • The Character chooses the better decision to decline the blunt because the consequences such as cancer or lung problems are not worth it, and it is not something he wants to do.
  • 2. Come on man, don't be a chicken.
  • 3. No way, real friends would not force me to do something I feel uncomfortable with.
  • Now that the character made the good decision to decline the blunt, he does not have to worry about the drug's effects, getting addicted, or getting in trouble. He also does not have to worry about driving home high, because weed can slow coordination.
  • 1. I'm out of here, and don't bother inviting me to meet up again!
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