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Updated: 2/17/2020
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  • Here is the godly sword of Christianity. CONVERT OR DIE!
  • If you really are the son of "The Hammer", then ask away.
  • Greetings, my name is Pepin, son of Charles Martel. I have a favor to ask...
  • WE WON! Is that a cross in the sky? I will now be a Christian.
  • This is Charlemagne forcing people to convert to Christianity "at the tip of his sword." He would force people to convert, or kill them if they don't.
  • Alright Odo, on my signal you and your troops will go to their camp and steal their stuff.
  • Of course General Hammer.
  • This is Pepin asking the Pope a favor. Pepin uses his father's fame to convince the Pope to help him become king. The Pope accepts on a couple of conditions. Pepin had to provide the church with its own military. The empire should also be more religious. Pepin accepts and becomes the king.
  • When my reign has ended, I will pass the power of the kingdom on to all of my three sons.
  • Clovis had converted to Christianity after winning a battle. He had looked up in the sky and saw a cross. He believed it was God helping him win the battle. This is what caused him to convert.
  • This is so easy. The front of the line can take their time.
  • Charles Martel "The Hammer" had informed Odo and his troops to go to the enemy base when the time was right. Odo agreed and raided their camp. This was major part in leading the Franks to victory.
  • Louis the Pious had made the decision of giving the power to all three of his sons. This was an astonishing act because usually the oldest son inherits the power.
  • This is Roland fending off the enemy army until the front of the army comes. He had sent a messenger from the back to warn the front.
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