Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • It All Leads To Treble
  • I just have been having these chest pains in my lungs. I can’t seem to support my sound whenever I play my instrument.
  • Well you are our best tuba player so I believe you should go to the doctors and try and figure out what is wrong. We need you to be all better for when we go to competitions and have our concerts.
  • Ok I will set up an appointment with Dr. Clay for as soon as possible. I will let you know what he says.
  • Ok good luck!
  • Well hello there Sap Nap what brings you into my office today?
  • Well whenever I breathe in it hurts and I can’t keep air in my lungs for long. This translates to not being able to play my instrument which is my whole profession. Are there any tests I can do to find out what it is?
  • Well let me first ask you if you smoked in the past?
  • Yes I did for about 5 years when I was younger but how does this relate to my problems?
  • Well I don’t want to assume anything until we do a Xray and CT scan. Depending on those results is how we will proceed.
  • Ok...