Updated: 4/6/2020
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  • "All right! His son, they said it was—his son! But the one inside, your wife, she’d tell it best." (1286-1289)
  • Tell me who you got me from!
  • It was King Laius!
  • "But now to hear your story—is there a man more agonized? More wed to pain and frenzy? Not a man on earth,the joy of your life ground down to nothingO Oedipus, name for the ages—" (1331-1334)
  • You are the murderer! No man on earth suffers more than you!
  • You defeated the Sphinx, and we crowned you king!
  • Oh God- everything came true!
  • "And there we saw the woman hanging by the neck, cradled high in a woven noose, spinning,swinging back and forth. And when he saw her,giving a low, wrenching sob that broke our hearts, slipping the halter from her throat, he eased her down," (1395-1399)
  • The Queen is dead!
  • "I, with my eyes, how could I look my father in the eyeswhen I go down to death? Or mother, so abused . . . I have done such things to the two of them,crimes too huge for hanging." (1500-1504)
  • I could not bear to see the people I love after what I did.
  • King Oedipus, why did you do it?
  • "But my two daughters, my poor helpless girls, clustering at our table, never without me hovering near them . . . whatever I touched, they always had their share. Take care of them, I beg you." (1602-1606)
  • Will you take care of my daughters, and give Jocasta a proper funeral?
  • Of course, but you have made a fool of yourself for too long, let's go inside.
  • "Now what a black sea of terror has overwhelmed him. Now as we keep our watch and wait the final day, count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last."(1682-1684)
  • No one will be happy until we are freeat last!
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