Bunker hill
Updated: 4/8/2021
Bunker hill

Storyboard Text

  • Battle of Bunker Hill 
  • Excuse me, what day is it today?
  • Thank you, Colonel Prescott!
  • Today is July 17, 1775.
  • We must go to the hills before the British get there.
  • Start of 1st try up hill
  • Don’t fire until we have seen the whites of your eyes!!
  • Go up the hill together!
  • What should we do William Howe??
  • Retreat down hill
  • RETREAT, they are prepared!
  • Boston, MA and the Charlestown Peninsula. This is where the they start to talk about what they shall do. They go up into the hills before the British come.
  • Colonel Prescott is explaining to his soldiers that they should only fire when they are close since they were low on ammo.
  • The British are we treating after the Americans attacked them heavily with their muskets.  at this point the Americans were doing well. The British didn’t know that they were this powerful.
  • Thank you, Colonel Prescott!
  • We must go to the hills before the British do.