Updated: 2/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I can finally see in my room without holding my candle, if I use one of these bulbs!
  • March 1889 North Carolina She doesn't have to use candles anymore
  • February1900 Montana He can now cook without starting a fire
  • I can cook more faster and easier and I don't even have to start a fire!
  • October1960 Louisiana Cold drinks are easier to get now
  • I can get nice and cold drinks easier now!
  • July2018 Texas She can call anyone when she wants
  • With this phone, I can tell my mom where I'm at if we are lost!
  • I can use this computer when I need help on anything!
  • Electricity
  • December2020 Kansas She can use the computer when she needs help
  • January2021 New York Washing clothes is easier to do now
  • When I was my clothes, I have time to do something else when its washing!