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basketball jack
Updated: 9/30/2019
basketball jack
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Storyboard Text

  • FADE IN, Weather Shot, Music
  • FADE IN, Weather Shot, Music
  • Dunbar High School
  • FADE IN, Wide Shot, Dialogue
  • Weather shot of Chicago shows the skyline. Shot zooms into the city to show Dunmore High School.
  • FADE OUT,Wide Shot, Dialogue
  • Shot zoom in again to show Dunbar Gym.
  • CUT TO, Medium Close up, Intense Music
  • JACK,SIMON,and THEODORE are finishing up basketball practice. THEODORE is tying his shoe. JACK and SIMON are running up and down the court. COACH K is yelling and blowing his whistle.
  • CUT TO , Wide Shot, Dialogue
  • JACK,SIMON,and THEODORE are all in class talking about JESSICA the prettiest girl in their class. MRS. FISHER is talking about history and trying to get the boys attention. KILLER jumps through window and keeps everyone hostage.POLICE and others try to get everyone out and safe.
  • The KILLER suddenly appears. He knocks on the window and tries breaking it. He successfully breaks it with a crowbar. He enters the room and demands everyone gets on the floor. He keeps MRS. FISHER hostage.
  • Whole class gets on the floor. JACK scans the area for anything he can He looks to his backpack and notices his basketball. SIMON and THEODORE get up and start asking questions to the KILLER. JACK sneaks behind the killer and throws the basketball at him. JACK throws the basketball and hits the killer which knocks him out. The police come in and save the kids and take the KILLER to jail.
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