Last Kids on Earth
Updated: 1/23/2020
Last Kids on Earth
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  • I hate this world of monsters!
  • Title: The Last Surviving Kids!
  • I know right! Always running and hiding.
  • Grrrr...
  • Oh no.. Zombies!
  • This is one confusing world... There are good monsters and bad monsters
  • Yea, we need to get back to our team though, otherwise we are gonna fall in the hands of zombies! Ew!
  • I cant wait til we get back to shelter and meet up with our team.
  • The Last Kids On Earth By Max Brallier is book with a genre of Action and a bit of horror. The book is about kids trying to survive. In this scene, Jack (Left) and Quint (Right) are discussing how there life is.
  • Yea, me too. We should have enough food for a couple of days.
  • As you can see, Jack and Quint are under attack by monsters. They are used to this since they live in an apocalyptic world, where zombies and monster are roaming around the world.
  • Hi June! We ran into some zombies but we made it out alive.
  • Welcome back, I'm glad you're back safe.
  • Jack and Quint go out every 2 to 3 days to collect food and other basic survival resources to survive. They have their own shelter where more of there team is.
  • Okay guys, lets get some rest, tomorrow we have work to do,
  • Yea, let's do that.
  • In this scene. Jack and Quint are returning to the shelter. They live in Quints house, which is full of their whole team. Jack and the others all don't have parents, so they have to survive on their own.
  • Here, Jack, Quint, and there friend June are discussing how there trip went. Sometimes, their whole team go to collect resources, but usually Quint and Jack do it.
  • The team usually splits the work, they all have something to do at sometime. They are in a really harsh world but as a team, they seem to accomplish anything!
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