Sleepy Hollow
Updated: 11/8/2018
Sleepy Hollow
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The legend of Sleepy Hollow recreated into a comic.

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  • Ichabod Crane has just been invited to Katrina Van Tassels Party where he planned to propose to her.After Ichabod failed a proposal to Katrina Van Tassel he started his journey back home. Ichabod was a greedy man who wanted money and Katrina wasn't short of money either. But Another man wanted to marry Katrina and His name was Brom Bones He was the town hero and chose brawn over Brain. Ichabod and Brom often played pranks on each other But this prank was the prank to end all pranks.
  • After Ichabod gets through most of the woods he gets to the cemetery where the headless horseman starts to chase him
  • "GASP"
  • The Headless horseman chases Ichabod through the Forest with Ichabod screaming terrified of his fate
  • "No No No I Don't Want To Die!"
  • The horseman Threw his head at Ichabod which launched him from his horse plummeting to the ground
  • Whenever Ichabod didn't return to Sleepy Hollow A search Party was sent to look for him but all they found were his clothes and an smashed pumpkin.
  • Many People Believe that Brom Bones Is the person that caused Ichabods disappearance but there simply wasn't enough evidence to convict him but whenever someone mentions the smashed pumpkin He would give out a hearty laugh
  • Har Har Har
  • Do you know about the pumpkin.
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