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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/11/2019
Unknown Story
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Too you

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  • Nova is at work cooking for the nobles while her sisters are talking/playing somewhere cause school didn't start yet.
  • The twins are playing and talking but then the grace twins see them and start to laugh but they don't know about what.They find out it is cause there clothes they are wearing.They left
  • The twins went to there sister job and saw her outside and they told her the grace twins was laughing about there clothes.Nova was mad.she was ready to fight so they went looking for them.
  • Nova ask them was they messing with her sister they said no so she was getting mad but then Noah in the back came and stopped it before it happen.
  • Nova and Noah started to hang out.They start to hang out every weekend and Noah started to like nova.The grace twins found out that Noah likes nova and they were telling every one even people they don't know
  • So they started to mess with Noah and say ha ha you like a peasant.He tells them class don't matter why does it matter to you anyways.he walks away.They keep telling more people but he doesn't care
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