Evolution #1
Updated: 3/28/2021
Evolution #1

Storyboard Text

  • After 6 years, the smilodons reproduce. An offspring with short teeth and white fur is born. Although the father struggles to hunt foxes due to his long teeth, he has adapted to the environment and learned to stab foxes with his teeth.
  • 17 years later
  • As a family tradition, the father smilodon wishes to teach his son to hunt. However, he saw something he can't imagine: his son hunts better than him! With shorter teeth, his son can grasp foxes better than him. He can bite into the fox's throat with ease and strike preys surprisingly with his skin camouflage.
  • The father smilodon is very proud of his son and promised him to introduce a female smilodon who travelled across the ocean like his father and mother. However, Shira doesn't seem to understand his son's mating calls. Diego has now speciated from his smilodon parents and became a freak among the smilodon family.
  • Shira, meet Diego: my son! I promise that you won't starve if you be his wife!
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