social stuides storybook 1
Updated: 4/20/2020
social stuides storybook 1
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  • The prince would be a king who ruled the universe, or leave the royalty to become the Buddha, according to the dream.
  • The prince was born in a garden
  • The king did not want his son to see all of the horrors of the world, so he kept him in the palce until he was 29, so he gave him wealth.
  • The king and queen asked the Brahmins what the queen's dream was prior to the birth
  • The second was sickness
  • The prince got married in the palace when he was 16
  • When the king let his son have more freedom, Siddhartha saw 3 ways of suffering.
  • The first was old age.
  • The last one was death
  • He eventually became unhappy and had not found enlightenment.
  • Siddhartha decided to give up royalties and seek enlightment.
  • He met other ascetics that gave up all basic necessities.
  • He took off all of his royalties in the forest.
  • He decided that he would not be a prince or ascetic, but seek a middle way. Siddhartha found out that denying body pleasures did not bring enlightenment.
  • When Siddhartha was meditating, a god named Mara tried to scare him.
  • When it was morning, Siddhartha became the Buddha.
  • She send 3 daughters, Passion, Desire, and Discontent, but he resisted all of them.
  • He could of escaped into enlightenment, but instead he taught others about the way.
  • As the Buddha, Siddhartha taught to end suffering, people should live according to the eightfold path, or the middle way.
  • Siddhartha went out a fourth time and saw an ascetic. He asked the man how he lives with suffering, and he said to end suffering you need to give up all desires.
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