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Updated: 6/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ann hurry up we going to be late for the concert
  • here i am i want us to be there in time. Very many people love the band and it will be crowded
  • Mary what do you think about this perfomance ?
  • I love the lyrics. they have recorded a new Album and it has 10 tracks on it.its really Amazing seeing my favourite gig perfom live
  • Jane look the crowd is going wild.they love the band that has come on stage
  • The lighting is soo spectacular we can see them from a distance and the sound is brilliant too we can hear the lyrics clearly
  • This is the best gig i have ever attended listen to lyrics the are soo sweet when i get home i have to download this track
  • Cant wait for the next concert. it will be in 4 months time. we have to book the ticket early
  • Mummy the concert was spectacular we had a great time. My favourite band was there and they had realeased a new Album with 10 tracks on it.The crowd really went wild while they released live their new album i hope they come back soon
  • Ann how was the concert ? i hope you had a great time