project for 2nd hour
Updated: 1/18/2020
project for 2nd hour
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  • Chapter 1-8
  • "Mark my words, this war won't last for 6 months"
  • *thinks in head* "he is my father, so i do beileve him
  • *Two uncles argue back of what the father said*
  • Chapter 9-12
  • " the naxis snach me up when i was at work hoping that would save me from being deported.
  • *snatching Yanek up*
  • "Prisoners will remain silent, unless spoken too.
  • Chapter 13-15
  • "We shouldn't be trying to survive , we should be trying to win'
  • *Thinking of plan. Because he totally agrees with yanek.
  • Aunts, Uncle, Most family members were drinking, eating and they all having a good time. Than Uncle moshe strted another convesation off with the jews must disappered from europe. than my father said the brostish and french had already declared war on them and now he invades poliin. Father said" mark my words this ar wont las for 6 months" and uncles talkes back.
  • Yanek was deported from the ghetto. He described how all of his family members were taken before him, and he was the last to go. He was sent to Plaszów camp to work in the tailor shop there, a few miles outside of Krakow.
  • Yanek is angered by the soldiers at Trzebinia. Yanek says, “We shouldn’t be trying to survive, we should be trying to win.” However, he sees what happens when others fight back and knows that he will suffer quietly, so that he doesn’t hurt others
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