Updated: 1/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Have you seen the flour son?
  • No, but there's eggs in the fridge. They provide structure and thickness
  • That is right, but I need the flour to ensure structure and include gluten in it.
  • So if that's the case, then what does sugar do.
  • The sugar not only provides sweetness, but it serves as food for yeast, helps tenderize, and helps crust brown.
  • Holy cow that's a lot. How do you tell the difference between salt and sugar. I want to know what the sugar does.
  • Sugar helps tenderizes and brown the crust.
  • Wow Dad, I never knew about how these ingredients can make such a difference.
  • That's enough learning for today. You wanna help me bake?
  • Yeah, but you forgot about the flour, its one one of the key rules. You taught me that.
  • What would I do without you. You couldn't tell what kind of flour to get could you?
  • The white fluffy one...?