Positive and Negtive
Updated: 1/29/2021
Positive and Negtive

Storyboard Text

  • When I Did my Work Expirence I was Kind to the Person I worked with, I did Evrything they asked for me to do and Communicated propley. This made Evryone Happy. This would of made Employable because I brang a posstive Attuide and did all theJobs I was asked.
  • This is the Manger/the Person I work with telling we what Jobs I had to do at the back and in the Front of the Shop, Sorting out clothes, sorting out the Stock, Cleaning the Pots that were on for sale sorting out the clothes into side order and sorting out the stock.
  • This is me sorting out the Boxes of Clothes, Sorting out the Clothrd into Size Order, the Stock,sorting out the and pots and Cleaning the Pots.