The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Updated: 2/25/2019
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
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  • Moving Out
  • Your father and I have already discussed about it. Now go help Maria pack your stuff.
  • But Mother! It's not fair!
  • The New House 
  • This place is horrible, why would anyone want to live at "Out-With."
  • You are saying it wrong. It's not "Out-With!"
  • The Boy from the Other Side of the Fence
  • What is he doing on the wrong side of the fence?
  • Move it!
  • Go ahead!
  • Today my mother told me that we had to move from our house in Berlin. I complained and discussed with her and I told her that we should stay because Daniel, Martin, and Karl are my three best friends for life. And I told her that I have not finished exploring the house completely yet. But she already had Maria packing up our stuff, so that meant that I had to say goodbye.
  • Shmuel
  • Can you help me find my papa?
  • When we got there, I immediately hated it. It was smaller than the our old house at Berlin, It smelled awful, and there was nothing there to explore. But when I said its name, which is "Out-With," everyone would get mad at me for saying it wrong. Especially Gretel, who is a hopeless case.
  • The Big News
  • Today I decided to do some exploration. I walked for an hour until I got to a fence. And behind a spot on the fence, there was a farm and a kid dressed in striped pajamas. I went up to him and I introduced myself. He said his name was Shmuel. We had a lot in common like our birthdays. And we both disliked it here. But he told me that when he came here on his train, there was no space, and there were no doors.
  • The Last Adventure
  • Ever since I met Shmuel, I would always take time out of my day to go see him. I would usually bring a piece of chocolate or bread with me and I would give it to him. We would talk about everything. One day he told me that both his grandfather and his father have gone missing. I decided to help, but it was getting dark. So that would be an adventure for another day.
  • HAHA!
  • Father let me go into his office today, which is always out of bounds and no exceptions. He told me that him and Mother have been discussing and he told me that "Out-With" is not a place for children. So we will be leaving for Berlin in the next couple of days. That meant that I had to tell Shmuel and hopefully explore the other side of the fence.
  • I entered the farm and we searched for Shmuel's papa, but could not find him anywhere. Suddenly, we were being taken by some soldiers into a dark room. Shmuel says that they do marches sometimes, but I needed to go home. The soldiers locked the door behind us. We stood there and I held Shmuel's hand and told him that he was my best friend for life. Everything was dark and the next thing that happened in there was chaos, but I was still holding on to Shmuel's hand.
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