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Updated: 6/6/2020
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  • I wish I could tell you that I got these powers saving someone's life, I wish. What really happened was a loss of life. A meteor crashed into the earth next to our village and I was the only one left alive. When I came to all the iridium from the meteor had covered me from head to toe and now I had an extra layer of silvery skin made of iridium.
  • Some was absorbed into my blood stream and then traveled through all of my body hardening my bones and joints. My muscles appear to stay the same but my skeleton got very hard and dense.
  • Probably because of all the iridium in my bloodstream I became fireproof. Heat of anything below 2500 degrees Celsius don't bother me at all. Well, not quite – it feels ticklish.
  • Since my bones got so heavy and dense I had to train and grew my mussels through grueling excursive, only then I was able to move my body.
  • My muscles are huge now and I have very fast metabolism because Iridium is catalyzing a lot of chemical reactions. In my body it catalyzed those related to digestion. You should have seen me winning pie-eating contest.
  • I am glad that Iridium is a stable element. At least I'm not radioactive and can be around other people without harming them. Now I help the firefighters because of my high melting point and I help the police because iridium is very hard metal so bullets just bounce of me. I help people as BULLDOZER!!! Please, Keep my identity a secret.
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