Mark Antony Speech

Updated: 5/28/2020
Mark Antony Speech

Storyboard Text

  • Logos
  • Caesar's Will
  • Here’s the will, written under Caesar’s seal. To every Roman citizen he gives to every individual man seventy-five drachmas.
  • Pathos
  • This was the unkindest cut of them all
  • Apophasis
  • Good friends, sweet friends! Let me not stir you upTo such a sudden flood of mutiny.
  • Antony gives examples of Ceasar's generosity and Humility throughout his speech as evidence that he was wrongly assassinated. This began in the reading of the will of Ceasar which gives 75 drachmas and half of his orchards to each citizen. Antony makes use of this as proof to show logically that Ceasar was not a Dictator.
  • Antony establishes an emotional bond with the roman crowd, as he makes them look at Caesar's stab wounds. Through his words and actions, Antony makes the Roman people feel pity, sorrow, and mistrust.
  • Antony tells the crowd to not stir up into such mutiny but his main focus is for them to try to make them be inflamed with anger so that they can seek revenge. With this Antony establishes the mutiny inside the Roman citizen's minds by mentioning it.