The Burning of The Executive Mansion
Updated: 2/12/2020
The Burning of The Executive Mansion

Storyboard Text

  • The British are going to burn the Executive Mansion!?
  • We need to save the portrait of George Washington!
  • President Madison got news that the British were threatening the Executive Mansion. However, they had already made prearranged plans to leave if the British where ever to attack.
  • Although Dolley Madison did not know that the George Washington portrait was a copy of the original, she still abandoned some of their belongings to save the portrait.
  • As people were running around trying to save portraits and other belongings, people in the kitchen were making food and setting the table.
  • Once Dolley Madison and everyone else in the executive mansion left, the British came to burn it.
  • The British started burning the executive mansion. The stone structure of the building stayed but the inside furniture and the floors burned.
  • Before all of the executive mansion burned, there was a huge storm, possibly a hurricane that put out all of the fires that were in Washington that night.