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Epilogue - Marielisa P.
Updated: 10/14/2020
Epilogue - Marielisa P.
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  • I am Alone, now.
  • Be your own Rich Man!
  • Sofyas Salt Company
  • “I don’t remember Hector. He died when we were very little, Esato and I. I remember my brother Priamos weeping for Hector, though, after the war in Himyar. My brothers and sisters are all so old, except Esato. I am alone, now.”
  • That now was the last thing they heard of her in Axum. She set off on a new journey to Eritrea. She was planning to try to make her own life and not follow in Esato’s footsteps of marrying a man. Esato one time told her “You know, one day you should settle down and marry a rich man.'' To which she responded, “ Esato don’t worry, I am going to become my own rich man”. That was her motto, “Be your own rich man”.
  • She thinks it will be easy because if she wants something she fights to get it. For example, She was the one who got Telemakos out of the Salt Mines. She wants to start her own company. A salt company. Where women work and win their own money for their needs
  • Look what you've created!
  • She first decided to see how the mines worked. How the Salt was taken by caravans for them to be traded. She wasn’t going to be like Anako. She didn’t want people to suffer or to be harmed. She saw how other people were getting hurt not only by their master but by falling off the mine or getting hurt by a rock that falls of the mine.
  • Sofya went through the streets of Eritrea trying to find women who want to earn money, who want to survive. She found a group of women who had the same idea as her. They all wanted to gain their own money. They all called themselves, The Golden Salt Girls. Or for short, GSG.
  • The GSG started collecting more women who had the same idea. They grew one of the biggest salt trading industries in the whole African continent. Sofya thought to herself, "I am proud of you Sofya, look what you've created. Something where men are better than women. Where we all feel equal." She sees women making Salt block or sending off salt to Egypt.
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