Updated: 3/30/2021

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Mr chip project

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  • Uglies
  • I'll see you soon bye Peris
  • I must go now don't do anything dumb while i'm gone
  • Hey im shay
  • Do not cross
  • Im Tally
  • By: Scott Westerfield
  • Its right over hear
  • Peris turns 16 and leaves the ugly dorms to get the procedure. Tally longs for her birthday which is still three months away.
  • Welcome to the smoke
  • Tally is very lonely until she meets another person who shares her interests and even has the same birthday they play endlessly every nights until two weeks before her birthday.
  • Shay takes Tally farther away from town than she has ever gone. SHe takes her to a old city to see a friend who is very mysterious. Tally suspects he is not real
  • Shay leaves to go to the smake with her friend David. Tally goes to turn pretty but the feds stop her. She adventures into the smoke to find shay and bring her back.