Updated: 12/13/2020

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  • Inside Helena's head
  • Now, where is Demetrius? I have to find him quickly before its too late.
  • Meanwhile Lysander and Hermia
  • Lets hope no one finds us.I want to spend my whole life with you.
  • Lysander, it's so beautiful here. Lets live here forever!
  • My dear Demetrius, Hermia and Lysander ran away. They didn't want you to stop their relationship.
  • Hermia reveals the secret to Demetrius
  • I wont let them get away with this! We are going to find them and stop them! rrrrr
  • In the next morning, Helena is determined to tell Demetrius about Hermia's and Lysader's escape. They had already left, so she didn't have much time.
  • Demetrius questions what Helena told him
  • What if you are lying to me just because you want me to love you and not Hermia?
  • Hermia and Lysander were full of happiness because they could finally be together. They were on an island close to Athens.
  • Demetrius doesn't think that Helena's words are the truth
  • I cant believe you would do this to me! That's why I will never love you! Your lies disgust me.
  • Helena goes to tell Demetrius and he is very furious. What we didn't know is that he is a pirate. He will now sail the sea with his pirate ship and find Hermia.
  • Helena cries because she will never be loved by Demetrius
  • What did I do to deserve such hate from the one I love with all my heart...
  • Demetrius doesn't believe Helena anymore because of how overly obsessive she is towards him.
  • I would never do that Demetrius, I love yous so much!
  • Helena is devastated after Demetrius doesn't believe her and told her very hurtful words.
  • Helena is left on the ground, crying and feeling hurt from the way Demetrius treated her.
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