Writing equation on a Line assinment.
Updated: 11/11/2020
Writing equation on a Line assinment.

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  • Well It is asking for the cordinates on the grid So for cordinate B we look at the X and Y value and in this case it is 4, 3 We do the same For cordinate D and it is 8,6.
  • Can you explain Question 1 at 5:13 in the video?
  • Ok we want to know if cordinate 20, 15 is on the slope when put that into a fraction it will 15/20 One of our cordinates on the slope called B has a cord of 4,3 which is 3/4 when you multiply 3/4 x 5 you get 15/20 so yes.
  • Can you explain Question 2 at 5:51 in the video?
  • Its the same strategy as the last question Since we want to know if 100/75 is on the slope we turn it into 75/100 and since cord B is on the slope and its cord are 4,3 also 3/4 when 3/4 is multiplied by 25 you get 75/100 so yes.
  • I have one last question how do you solve Question 3 at 6:57 in the video?
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