Direct and Indirect Speech

Updated: 10/13/2021
Direct and Indirect Speech

Storyboard Text

  • Hi ! How are you .I am fine.How are you
  • Hi ! I am fine .Its been long since we have met .
  • Yeah ,and how is you'r brother
  • He is fine too. How is your family everything fine?.
  • My family is fine .How is your family ?
  • My family is fine too ,by the way as it is been years since we have't met i forgot i which class you are ?
  • Haha ! no problem.I am in class 6
  • Oh! that's great I am in class 6 too
  • Oh really ! haha. Will you play with me
  • O yeah sure i will come to play
  • ok then we will meet after 1 hour bye
  • But i have some work ,so can i join after 1 hour
  • ok bye