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Updated: 2/7/2020
The Giver Storyboard

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  • Jonas is a normal citizen of a society of Sameness.
  • Number 20
  • At the Ceremony of 12, Jonas is ready to receive his Assignment. After being skipped, he becomes Receiver of Memory.
  • Jonas meets "The Giver" in sessions to recieve the memories of the past.
  • In the meetings, Jonas finds out about the past and sees how the society deprives people of emotional depth and some of life.
  • Jonas flees his community to release his emotions and memories out to the public and to save Gabe, a baby set to be killed.
  • After tons of walking in the wild without food, Jonas finds himself about to die of exhaustion / starvation. After walking up the hill, Jonas found a sled to go down. On the way down, he thought he could hear music.