Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • ya, let's go say goodbye!
  • pssssst. I'm ready to leave are you?
  • leaving so soon?
  • ya bud, gotta take my girlfriend home
  • I don't want to go with him.
  • That's so unsafe, what do I do?
  • come on babe, lets go and grab another beer before we go.
  • aw man
  • And Tara could be willing to still ride with him after the whole thing.
  • I could just keep them here and call my mom to come drive us all home so we are safe. But what if Aron gets mad, or still wants to drive.
  • Aron is at a party, and has been drinking the whole night, Tara is ready to leave and has not been drinking, but doesn't have her drivers license yet, so Aron has to drive her home. First they are going to say good bye to Mike (his best friend)
  • I could tell Aron it's not safe, or worth taking a risk and offer to drive Tara and Aron home, but what if he gets upset, or takes over the steering wheel while i'm driving.
  • I could also get my mom to pick us up and have Aron and Tara spend the night, so he for sure won't be driving. But still they could refuse to not drive or be mad.
  • but what if Tara also gets annoyed, and doesn't want to be around me anymore
  • Mike realizes that Aron and Tara where walking his way. Aron mentions he is going to take Tara home, but secretly Tara doesn't feel safe.
  • hey Aron, I understand how you have been in charge of Tara for the night, but you clearly have been drinking tonight and should not be driving Tara home, whether you feel fine or not
  • which is exactly why i'm going to be the best friend you've always needed, and your going to spend the night at my house
  • but I want to drive!
  • actually... I think that's a great idea
  • Mike realizes what Aron had said to him and is shocked, he doesn't know what to do and Aron wants to get another beer from downstairs before they leave. Tara is secretly scared and disappointed, but doesn't want to upset Aron.
  • i'm just glad to help you Aron!
  • you were right Mike, I am lucky to have a friend like you, and I really shouldn't be out driving.
  • Thank you so much Anne, I feel really safe now!
  • hop in kiddos!
  • Mike has removed himself from the room Aron and Tara where in, to think about what he might want to do, if he tells Aron it's not safe and he could drive, they might be mad, or he could be crazy in the car and try to take over the steering wheel. He could also call his mom, but they could be mad, or refuse to get in the car, and be brought home.
  • Mike decides to tell Aron and Tara that he is in no condition to drive, and Aron still thinks it's a great idea. On the other hand Tara thinks it's a great idea and is totally up for it.
  • Aron agrees that he is better off getting a ride and spending the night, and Mike is just super glad to keep his friend, and keep him safe. While Anne(Mikes mom) comes to pick them up Tara feels very safe, and glad that her boyfriend Aron isn't driving`
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