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The Two Friends and the Bear
Updated: 9/13/2020
The Two Friends and the Bear
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  • The Two Friends and the Bear
  • Once, two friends were walking through the forest. They knew something bad might happen to them so they promised to help each other just in case.
  • Yes, I promise, my friend. I won’t leave you alone if you are in trouble.
  • Let’s promise that if any of us gets into trouble the other will help and not run away.
  • A bear! it hasn't seen us yet! Run!
  • After some time of walking, the two friends heard a rustling sound from the bushes ahead of them. And just then, they saw a large, dark figure ahead of them.
  • ......
  • Help! Please! Help me, my friend!
  • ROAR!!!
  • The two friends ran away until they reached a tall tree. One of them climbed up the tree but the other one cannot because he doesn't know how. He asked his friend for help but the friend just looked at him and did not answer.
  • I just have to hold my breath and stay still.
  • sniff... sniff...sniff...
  • The boy on the ground thought that bears doesn't attack dead things so he immediately laid down, closed his eyes, and pretended he was dead. The bear came close to his head and started sniffing him to see if he was still breathing.
  • The bear thought the boy was dead so it just left and moved on it's way. After the bear was gone, the friend climbed down the tree and asked the boy what the bear whispered on his ears when he was laying down on the ground.
  • I saw the bear come close to your ear and whispered something.What did the bear whisper into your ears?
  • ...It told me to be wary of a false friend and not keep such company...
  • The boy replied and went on his way.---THE END---
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