Plot of The Veldt
Updated: 8/28/2018
Plot of The Veldt
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  • Expostion
  • Conflict
  • Rising action .
  • The parents went to the nursery and it was a jungle but then turned to a african veldt. They were talking about how nothing is good enough for their children. The main characters are George and Lydia. Their kids are Wendy and Peter.
  • Climax
  • They were in the nursery and wind picked up in the Veldtland. They seen lions everywhere in the Veldt. They seen some bones on the ground. 
  • Falling Action
  • They kept going into Africa every time they went into the Nursery. They let their kids go to the carnival across town. They were talking about shutting the nursery down.
  • Resolution
  • Everytime the parents went into nursery it would change. It would be a african veldt every time they went into it. They told their kids they are going to shut it down.
  • Peter threatened his dad if he would shut the nursery down. His son told him " you shouldn't shut it down." He told his kids to go to bed.
  • The parents shut the nursery down and their kids got mad. They gave their kids a few more minutes that they asked for. Their kids yelled for them and they came down. The kids locked the parents in the nursery with a veldt so they got killed by the lions.
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